January 5 – Bird Day


Birds are majestic, inspiring, wondrous creatures that have in our culture come to mean freedom, beauty, music and many other things, all of which are good. Expect the vulture, which is pretty ostracized by humans as the bird of evil and death. In a way, I do feel sorry for the poor vulture…then again, it is pretty menacing.

Happy bird day! The point of this day is so raise awareness about the welfare of all birds, and their importance to this wondrous world we live in. I feel that the beautiful parrots and the magnificent and mighty eagles get a lot of press on days like this, so today I’ve decided to bring to your attention a collection of avian wonder so weird, they’re worth saving just so they may continue to stand upon this earth looking bizarre.

1. Rhinoceros Hornbill

The Rhinoceros Hornbill, with it’s bizarre structure on top of it’s beak called a “casque”, is quite a sight. This strange creature lives in Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo and the island of Java. A peculiar behavior of the creature is that the female will build a nest surrounding her entirely, leaving only a slit that the male can use as a kind of post box to feed her and the chicks. This little stint can go on for one hundred days.


Tim Laman http://timlaman.com/#/awards/AB_rhinoceros_mouse_c

2. Hoatzin

Found in the swamps of the Amazon and the Orinoco basins of South America, the Hoatzin is a strangely beautiful bird. When they are chicks, these peculiar birds have two claws on each of their wings, to help them grip branches as they first begin to move about.


Lars Peterson http://www.larsfoto.se/en/gallery/fagelbilder-fran-utlandsresor/faglar-i-sodra-peru/725-hoatzin?res=900

3.Shoebill stalk

This bird displays two permanent looks, alternating from looking like they are plotting to take over the world in the most horrendous way possible, and the best derp face I have seen on any bird. They live in eastern central Africa in wetlands, and are pretty big, at around 1.2m tall. That’s right, it could probably take you down.


Image Image

Now…they’re not really as weird as the others, but let’s just take a moment to stop and appreciate how Puffins exist…they are amazing.



Birds are weird, birds are beautiful, birds are musical, birds are wonderful and some birds…won’t be around much longer if we don’t take care of them. They’re amazing, and deserve to be around for a long time yet. Take care of our world and the beautiful birds that inhabit it.

Happy Bird Day!
~ Darcierae

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