January 7 – I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day


I’m not going to take it anymore!

New Years Day is a time used to reflect on how we can change to make ourselves better people. It’s all quite responsible and sensible of us. Very serious. Well, a week later and it is time for I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day – the day where shit gets real. Today is a day to make that tough decision.

That relationship you’re in feel a little bit one way? Stop avoiding it, and do something about it. If you hate your job, you don’t have to make a radical move out onto the streets by quitting it…just look for another job. The sooner you start doing that, the closer you’ll get to finding something that makes you happy. If you’re a student and are only in a part time, nothing-to-do-with-the-career-you –actually-want job, and you don’t like it, you have so many options. Print off a hundred copies of your resume, stick them in a bag, and walk around to every place you can think of that would hire part time staff and hand them in.

Today is a day of really forward change. Whatever is bothering you…don’t take it anymore! If you stay in a place that you’re not happy with, you’re not suddenly going to become happy.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

When I was younger a coach I had used to explain “perfect practice” to us using this analogy. I believe it’s applicable to more than sport. Imagine a park after a storm – the ground is soaking wet, more water than grass in some places, and for some unexplainable reason, you decide today would be a fantastic day to ride you bike in that park.

You ride around and around in laps around the park, following the same track each time, and after a while the grass turns to mud. You’re creating a rut. You realize that you are in this rut, and get out quickly – you can fix your mistake. It will be a little difficult, because you’re trying to steer your bike out of that well-worn and comfortable path. But the longer you keep riding around in that mud circle, the more difficult it will be to get out.

Consider this day your second chance at a more radical New Years resolution. Whatever makes you happy – do it now. Mine? I’m not going to take getting frustrated by people anymore. People don’t get to me in ways that hurt me or upset me – but they do frustrate. From now on, I’m not taking that. I’m leaving it and letting it go.

 ^click me, you know you want to 😉


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