January 10 – Peculiar People Day


When I started looking into Peculiar People Day, I wondered, was I a peculiar person? And then I remember that about a month ago I hosted a murder mystery party where everyone dressed up as internet memes and I wrote the mystery from scratch based on the characters of those memes, I own a unicycle but not a bike and as a young female prefer books about economics than romantic fiction. So I decided that yes, I probably am more towards the quirky side of the spectrum of normality. Peculiar People Day is a day to embrace your peculiar qualities – I bet you have a least one. It’s also a day to embrace the pure awesomeness of the peculiar people around you.

I want to start off by saying I met the most amazing woman in the history of the world at work. I was on the counter, serving people and this woman walks up to the counter and as I look up at her I say “Good morning, how are yo…o…uuuu?”. My voice rebels against my brain’s commands about half way through the sentence because resting casually on the woman’s shoulder is a huge cockatoo. I can’t help but stare at it as she continues about her business normally, as if it’s not weird to walk into a shop with a large bird on your shoulder. She was quite peculiar – she definitely made my day. So thank you, random cockatoo woman – you’re quite astounding.

By far the most peculiar request I’ve received from a customer occurred one morning when a man with a heavy accent raced around our shop, hunting for a gift. He selected a teddy bear and some ribbon, some cellophane, a gift bag and a card. After a little bit of communication issues, we worked out that he wanted the ribbons around the neck of the bear in a bow, then conceals inside the gift bag with the cellophane. As for the card…in one of the most adorable stories I’ve ever heard, he wanted it written to a young girl from a fictional character called “Freddy” – but it had to be in a strangers writing, otherwise the child would know it was him. It was a most rewarding and peculiar task.

A peculiar event I undertook yesterday (celebrating early, but you know what, carpe diem!) involved undertaking what is possibly the geekiest game in the history of geeky games…dungeons and dragons. I had never played before, and when my friend (who really knows her shit when it comes to this game) made me a character sheet I was overwhelmed with confusion…the character sheet was five pages long. However I don’t recommend you shy away from this game as it’s actually quite fun. I am a necromancer elf type creature and because of that got to raise things from the dead and abuse them in all kind of fun ways like setting off traps and blinding things. I recommend you start off with someone who already knows what they are doing – they write a story involving some kind of quest, and then you and your friends take on the role of characters from a fantasy world a try to win that quest. The game takes place almost entirely inside your head – except for the physical dice, which determine your successes. It can go one of either two ways – it could be really boring but if everyone gets into it the game can be incredibly amusing.

So that was my peculiar activity of the day…I suggest you go out and try something unusual yourself.

~ Darcierae



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