January 13 – Make your Dreams come True Day


One of the most important abilities we have as humans is the ability to dream. The ability to hope for something greater. After all, was it not hope that fluttered beautifully out of Pandoras box after immeasurable amounts of evil was released upon the world? Happy Make your Dreams come True Day – a day to sit back a dream…and right after you’ve done that, a day to do something about it.

I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate Make your Dreams come True Day – my most prominent  dream is to travel this wondrous world we live in, and I’m certainly on my way to doing that. Other than that I’m quite directionless, so I turned to ehow.com to help me out. They suggested I
“Cut out inspirational images and paste them on poster board to create a dream collage. Using old magazines, and your dream list, look for images showing a person living your dream lifestyle or profession. Motivational phrases, words and symbols can also be used to remind you of your dreams. If you cannot find a photo that correlates to one of your dreams, feel free to draw a picture or to write a phrase to help remind you of that dream. Once the collage is complete hang it in a place where you will frequently see it; being reminded of your dreams, subconsciously, helps to focus and direct your attention.

Read more: How to Celebrate Make Your Dream Come True Day | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_8456644_celebrate-dream-come-true-day.html#ixzz2HlF6KxQg

I thought this was a pretty good idea, and a bit of fun, so I set to work. I’m a creative person, but if visual just isn’t your thing, perhaps write a list and create a word cloud to put on your wall. Or set a reminders in your phone for every couple of weeks for the next year. On each reminder put a goal or just a little message to push you in the right direction.
“The weather’s looking nice…time for a jog?”
“I really like your short stories, you should write more of them”
“I wonder what the exchange rate is for $AUS to $EURO at the moment?”

For my inspiration, I created an image, as seen below:
It’s different for everyone, but for me, sitting back and realising how small I really, truly am makes me less stressed and helps me not to sweat the small stuff. Because of this, I chose this as my main image, and then hanging off different parts of the image I attached, with string, various photos that I had personally taken from my travels. This is because travel is my ultimate dream – it is the most rewarding, exciting and memorable thing I do. I also added some images from http://www.asofterworld.com – they do some awesome pictures and some I find are most inspirational. A lot of the time they just make me smile, so I suggest you check them out.
Whatever it is, take some time out of today to inspire yourself and work towards the bigger picture.

~ Darcierae


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