January 14 – Clean off Your Desk Day


January seems to be riddled with improve-yourself days – I suppose this is due to it being the new year. So today I forced myself to endure this arduous task. My desk is very rarely clean – it is the area which I dump most of my life onto: cleaning it today I found everything from the Dungeons and Dragons character I used a few days ago to christmas wrapping to an information booklet from something I attended over five months ago. 

It’s probably not going to be the most enjoyable days work, but I suggest you do it. I’m typing the now and my elbows are actually touching the wood of the desk instead of the piles of paper they would usually be! It probably won’t last long, but it’s nice to remember what colour my desk actually is. 

Today might also be a good day to clear off some of the things on your desk that…well, don’t really belong. Today on my desk I found:
– 500mL of hair gel (I don’t even use hair gel)
– a packet of water balloons
– magic 8 ball 
– a card game
– 20Q ball
– contact juggling ball 
– light catcher crystal 
– a mouse pad (I use a laptop with a touch tracker pad on it, and no longer own a mouse.)

… I can’t explain a lot of those objects. Often I am tempted to simply reorganise these into a neat pile…if you are the same, today is not the day for that! Today is the day to clean – tomorrow is the day we’ll probably mess it up again. 

~ Darcierae 




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