January 15 – Fresh Squeezed Juice Day


Firstly, I’m going to make a small complaint…perhaps I am wrong, but shouldn’t it be freshly squeezed juice day? I’m no expert on the english language, but “fresh squeezed juice” sounds awkward to me. Anyway, happy day in which we celebrate juice that has just been made! I don’t have much to write about today, but there wasn’t really another option for today (Humanitarian Day I shall celebrate on the more official international day in early August, the birthday of the Super Bowl isn’t very interesting to an Australian and Martin Luther King Jr Day…well, that’s a little bit too serious for me at the moment.). 

I also couldn’t find anything about this day online, but hey, I can’t imagine there’s much you can do other than celebrate the pure goodness of juice! I’m a big fan of fruit juice and smoothies – and by big fan I mean my Boost Juice Vibe card is the loyalty card I use most frequently…and by a lot. So I’m going to celebrate today by further falling into my addiction and treating myself to a juice. 

Also, I recommend you get addicted to nuddie fruit juice – there is one that is made up of bananas, oranges and chia seeds and it is omnomnomnomnom. Don’t be frightened to juices with other strange things in them – I was drinking the juice mentioned above (with very noticeable chia seeds) the other day at work and my boss looked at me like I was some kind of strange, hippie alien because while the juice is delicious, it kind of looks like something you would drink if you were trying to start some kind of crazy super-food diet. 

Join me and celebrate the awesomeness of fruit juice today! If you don’t know what to make, just go with some orange juice. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, I recommend watermelon and orange juice or dragon fruit juice (I’m not entirely sure if anything else is added to it, as I’ve never made it myself, but I’m sure there are recipes online.). If you’re feeling really adventurous, chuck everything fruit and veg in a blender and see what happens. 😉

~ Darcierae 




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