January 17 – A Friend Picks You Up Day




“They say good friends are hard to find – that’s true, because the best ones are already mine!”

True friends pick you up when you’re feeling down – best friends consider your “friend picks you up day” an excellent chance to prove their manliness and carrying both you and another friend on their back…a friend picking up a friend picking a friend…friendception! *cue nolan effect*.

Not only was I picked up by my friends, but this shortly prompted others to do the same, resulting in a few people running madly around the park with friends on their shoulders, reminding me why I am so happy and lucky to know them. I know that they will run with my weird ideas and literally pick me up when I fall down many times a long the way. I am also confident in the knowledge that if I ever really did need them, they would be there in an instant.

January 17 – consider yourself celebrated. 


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