January 24 – Compliment Day


Happy Compliment Day! I love that…thing you’ve got going on with your face. It’s hot.

Anyway, I love compliments – not directed at me (I always tend to feel a little awkward) but I love giving people compliments. It’s 100% free, takes all of a few seconds, and could potentially make someone’s day. At the beginning of this year one of my resolutions was to be more forward and compliment people more when I felt I should, instead of shying away from the opportunity. I’ve been doing that – yesterday I told someone their earrings were fantastic and today I told someone they had wonderful eyes and were not camera shy at all (there is a context for that, I promise.).

There is a beautiful website on the internet, a tumblr, called Daily Odd Compliment…and it is fantastic. I spent a lot longer than I care to admit on this website: while I’m not a romantic, emotionally expressive person, I love this. A lot of it is hilarious while at the same time being very awwwwwww worthy. The website is: http://dailyoddcompliment.tumblr.com/
Here are a few of my personal favourites so far:

I could probably just repost the entire contents of that site here, but I shall restrain myself. You should check it out though, it is amazing.  Another source of seemingly infinite compliments is the emergency compliment generator. This one is less awwwww and more hahahaha! but is still excellent. http://emergencycompliment.com/ With beautiful compliments such as:
– Your hair smells like freshly cut grass
Rumor is Disney is basing their next cartoon on you
– Keep walking around naked – your neighbours are into it
you can hardly go wrong. No really, you always make the best decisions.
For compliment day, I’m going to randomly text, email or message people with these compliments and ones similar. It’s really easy to celebrate this one – just get out and make someone’s day by complimenting them. 🙂

~ Darcierae


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