January 25 – Macintosh Computer Day


Happy Macintosh Computer Day! 

On this day in 1984, the first ever Macintosh computer (from the company we now refer to as Apple) went on sale. A simple machine with only two programs, MacWrite and MacPaint, sold for an unbelievable US$2495. The duo of Steve Wozniak and the more well known Steve Jobs released other computers prior to 1984, starting with the Apple-1, pictured above, as well as the Apple ll and the Lisa computer. However it was the release of the Macintosh line of computers in 1984 that was the company’s big leap forward towards the age of common personal computers. 

The original Macintosh Computer

Fast forward 29 years and the company is now valued at $623.5 billion (21-08-12), making it the most valuable company of all time (it’s possible to argue the Microsoft’s record of $616.3 billion is more impressive, since it was achieved in the late 1990’s, and hasn’t been adjusted for inflation when compared against Apple now…but still, holy crap, $623.5 billion is a LOT of money.). To put that in perspective, Apple is estimated to be worth 13 times what Facebook is worth, and 7 times as much as the McDonalds corporation. But what I think is more impressive is the short amount of time in which they have achieved this phenomenal value. Shares traded at around $20 a piece in 2004, and as of 5.21am on January 24 2012, is worth $514.01.

 Now, admittedly this is not as impressive as the $665.15 share price at its peak in August last year. In the last four months shares have gone down 27% (but have rose 1.8% as of two days ago). There is a very pessimistic report on that here: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-apple-earnings-20130124,0,2455869.story . Samsung Electronics co. has overtaken Apple as the largest seller of smartphones (They make the Galaxy phones that have commercials airing on what seems like every single possible media outlet they can find). However I don’t think there is much to worry about – true, I know next to nothing about economics, my only experience being Freakonomics, half of a small book called 50 economics ideas and playing the “share market game” in primary school…but I mean, look around you. Apple products are everywhere. I’ve written this post, as well as all my other ones, on a MacBook Pro (which I adore), and I own an Ipod Touch. It seems like every second 10 year old I meet has an iPhone, and Apple laptops seem to be the computer of preference amongst students. Graphs are always great to support arguments…so here we go…just look at it.
source: google. (No really, google “apple share price”) 

I find that to be a rather boast-worthy feat.

Of course it is not only computers for which Apple is famous. The iPhone was revolutionary, to say the least. In early 2007, everyone (asides from the fancy business people with their blackberries) was tapping number keys multiple time to send text messages…I remember at one point there being a speed texting competition, but I’m sure the rate in which they could text was nothing like what people can today. With the release of the iPhone on June 29 2007, people were presented with a phone without a keyboard. Not to mention the release of the app store in 2008 – with hundreds of thousands of apps, people could suddenly make their phone whatever they wanted it to be. Now most mobile companies sell some kind of touchscreen mobile (I have a Nokia…with a touchscreen. It totally baffles me, having used the brick model of the phone for many years.).

So I shall be celebrating today by posting this from my MacBook and then perhaps downloading some music from iTunes onto my iPod and enjoying skipping down the path towards Apple monopolizing the tech-gadget market. But is that such a bad thing? Probably.

Happy Macintosh Computer Day!

~ Darcierae 

Bonus! Timeline of the Apple logo.
ImageSource: http://www.thinkmarketingmagazine.com/index.php/apple-logo-evolution-story/ 

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