January 28 – Kazoo Day!


Happy Kazoo Day!

source: Me.

Today is Kazoo Day, a much lighter and more fun day than yesterday. I went all out for this one, investing a whopping $2 in kazoos at the $2 shop. I must say it was well worth it. I got the pleasure of being able to sit in my room by myself trying to make a sound out of a little piece of plastic about the size of the palm of my hand.

It was a steeper learning curve than I anticipated.

After a lot longer than it should have taken, I managed to do it. It certainly wasn’t beautiful, but hey, it was something. For those of you wishing to join me in this venture, I have some tips I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to figure out.

  1. My beautiful $2 masterpieces came with the tip “hum into this end”. Lies. Scandalous, scandalous lies. It does not work. Perhaps it’s just me, but when I hum, I do so with little to absolutely no exhaling. So if you attempt the same kind of thing, you will only hear a humming sound, no kazoo sound. Don’t think humming will work.
  2. Also, don’t attempt to just blow into it. That will do absolutely nothing and you will just look silly.
  3. What will work however, is if you kind of “sing” a note. Choose a sound to make: I find an ooo sound works. Think of singing it (very softly) in such a way that you can “feel” it on the roof of your mouth, this makes the air travel upwards towards the hole bit in the top. This should hopefully cause it to make a noise.

If that doesn’t work….well, you should probably look up how to do it from someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

When I was much younger (probably about 6 years old), I had to attend a compulsory “Christian Living” class at my school. This was a class where once a week we would gather and talk about the father, the son and the holy kazoos. At the beginning of the year each child was given an activity book for the class, and a kazoo. These colourful plastic instruments were labeled and kept in a little plastic box in the corner of the room.

Once a week we would take our treasured instruments and sit at our desks with our books. Inside the books were various songs and stories. Often we would sing the songs and throughout it would pause and play the kazoo. But not just any which way we wanted – we had to hum/sing into it “ooo-kazoo!”. Which at the time we accepted without question, but looking back on it, that was a really weird thing to do. Imagine a room full of small children mechanically singing “Jesus loves him, he’s so great” and half way though “ooo-kazoo!”. I can only imagine it sounded absolutely terrible. Unsurprisingly, I don’t think they still run this program.

I attempted to look it up online, but there is not a trace of it left other than one website with a poor quality photo. But here it is:

Image http://www.koorong.net.au/search/product/oo-kazoo-activity-pad-cep/1875861629.jhtml

Also, I found this amazing cover of the Spice Girls greatest musical achievement, Wannabe… on the kazoo. Hell yes. It’s hilarious, and well worth a look.
^ you know you want to.

Aaaaaaand one more thing. If you live in the United States and heavily into kazoos and all the wonderful things they stand for, you can vote Barbara Stewart, chairperson of Kazoo America, who would love to make the Kazoo the national instrument. I would definitely be doing that if I lived over there.
No but really, just check out that website. It should entertain you for a few mintues.

~ Darcie rae


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