January 30 – inane answering machine message day


Not insane answering machine message day … Inane answering machine message day. A day for all those weird, long winded, mumbled and generally unhelpful messages left on phones. Although we must not ignore the correlation between the insane machine message and inane reply. I have a friend whose “joke voicemail ” has ultimately result in a collection of voice mail messages that consist of a half greeting followed promptly by “f*** you”. 

I must admit, I’m a bit guilty when it comes to leaving terrible messages. Even though I know there is a chance I will get put through to voice mail, it throws me off guard every time. 

For you today I have a story. 

One night I came home to find a couple of missed calls and consequently some voicemail . The first was from an unknown number. curiously the subject matter was a house inspection I had apparently been arranging with a real estate. Of course this was a wrong number, but I was so surprised at the message that I was distracted in my laughter and didn’t hear the second message . Because my phone is a basic one I had to listen all messages again and as I did so something struck me as quite odd. the agent calling me had used my first name in the message. I was extremely confused and all manner of absurd explanations ran through my head. Everything from the incredibly improbable possibility that another darcie with an extremely similar phone number had been interested in looking at a house in my general area all the way to wondering if I had perhaps organised this meeting in my sleep ( despite having never slept walked in my life, much less slept organised ) . I got myself into an anxious and confused mess for several minutes before I realised what had happened – when you call me and it goes to voicemail the first thing yois hear is “hey. You’ve reached darcie ” . Answering machines – nothing but trouble I swear. 

Happy inane answering machine massage day! 

~ darcie rae 


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