January 31 – Inspire your Heart with Art Day


Happy Inspire your Heart with Art Day!

I’m extremely excited for today – I love art. I love going to art galleries, and if you get a chance to, I highly recommend you go to the one closest to you and check it out. A lot of really good art galleries have free admission to the majority of their exhibits, so even if you decide you didn’t really like it, you haven’t lost a cent. Today, I’m going to inspire your heart with some art from some of my favourite artists. 

In no particular order:

1. Jen Stark
Stark does incredible, inspiring and wonderful things with paper. Her fantastic sculptures are made up of hand cut pieces of paper, and her works are so intricate and awe-inspiring because of her attention to detail. Find her portfolio at http://www.jenstark.com/index.php 

2. Gaudi 
In 2011 I travelled over to Spain and saw many beautiful things, and one which stood out among the others was Gaudi’s Casa Batllo. The beautiful house situated in Barcelona, the entire building is a work of art. The exterior abstractly depicts a sleeping dragon and bones while the interior looks like the ocean had shaped it’s smooth rounded walls over numerous years. The background for this blog is a picture I took of the tiles at Casa Batllo. Learn more about it here: http://www.casabatllo.es/en/ 
source: me. Look how pretty the roof is 😀 
I should probably mention Gaudi is more famous for his partially completed church, Sagrada Familia, which is also stunning. I just love Casa Batllo more than it is healthy to love a building. 

3. Florian Nicolle 
She does beautiful, wonderfully original images. She describes herself as a graphic designer, rather than artist, but she definitely inspires my heart with amazing art. 😀 Her website is here: http://www.neo-innov.fr/ 

~ Darcie Rae


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