February 4 – World Cancer Day


I have never met a person who would argue the benefits of cancer. It is a horrible disease that tragically claims the lives of far too many every year. But there is hope. Today is World Cancer Day – a day to dispel the myths surrounding cancer. To better inform the public about cancer is target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration. 

“World Cancer Declaration aims by 2020 is to have:

  • effective cancer control programmes
  • reduced risk factors such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption and obestity 
  • universal vaccination programmes
  • a better informed public
  • improved diagnosis methods
  • universally available pain control
  • improved training for medical staff
  • better survival rates for cancer patients

To reach these targets we will take action to:

  • place cancer on the political agenda
  • improve cancer prevention and early detection
  • enhance access to and treatment for cancer patients”

The 4 main myths that are focused on for today are:
Cancer is just a health issue Yes, it’s a tragic health issue, but it also has far-reaching effects on economies. 
Cancer is a disease of the wealthy, elderly and developed countries Disease cares not for status and wealth. Cancer is also a problem in lesser developed countries – but unlike us, they rarely have the medical supplies needed to deal with it effectively. We need to help them. 
Cancer is a death sentence  Cancer can be cured 
Cancer is my fate  More than 1 in every 3 cancers are preventable

The following info graphs are from the World Cancer website. 

For today, I encourage you to visit their website and get educated on the matter. You can also sign the World Cancer Declaration or donate.

~ Darcierae


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