February 5 – Nutella Day


Today is a momentous occasion dear reader, for today is Nutella Day. Like most humans, I have a love for the sweet chocolatey spread similar to the love most people associate with living things. It’s a socially acceptable way to eat chocolate at 6.30am and should be one of the wonders of the man-made world.

I tend to eat it on bread of some description – that is, when I’m not eating it straight out of the jar. However there are many many ways that you can enjoy Nutella on this special day… over 700 of them, actually. The link to this treasure trove is here: http://www.nutelladay.com/nutella-recipes/  Personally for Nutella Day I’m very keen to try out this one, http://lifelovechemistry.blogspot.com.au/2010/01/nutella-stuffed-french-toast.html, which looks to be a fairly easy Nutella french toast recipe of deliciousness. As well as this one,


which is a Nutella hot chocolate omnomnomnomnom.

In it’s humble beginnings, the holy hazelnut grail was stumbled upon by Italian pastry-maker Pietro Forrero. Chocolate was in short supply due to the effects of WWII, and so Forrero used the plentiful supply of hazelnuts in northern Italy to extend his chocolate supply. Originally named “Pasta Gianduja” Nutella was not initially a paste of all the is pure and good in this world, but instead in block form that could be sliced in a similar fashion to cheese. It was later made into a paste initially called “Supercrema Gianduja” and in 1964 it was renamed “Nutella”.

Original advertisements for Nutella products:

source: http://offtopic.blogter.hu/69628/gasztro-posztom_-_1

Happy  7th Annual Nutella Day!

~ Darcierae

Nutella Day! http://www.nutelladay.com/
History of Nutella http://www05.homepage.villanova.edu/monika.abraham/history.htm
History http://www.nutellausa.com/history.htm


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