February 6 – Girls and Women in Sport Day


Today is Girls and Women in Sport Day! Hooray! I am in fact female and enjoy doing the sports and so I will be celebrating this day by later this afternoon playing sport. But you really don’t want to hear about me so I’m going to be talking about a sport where I believe the women involved really aren’t given enough credit. Synchronized swimming.

I will never understand why synchronized swimming gets given such a hard time by people, because I can honestly say it looks like one of the hardest sports humanly possible. I used to spend quite a lot of time as a public pool and there were a group of synchronized swimmers that trained there. The did insanely difficult drills. For a moment I would like you to contemplate just how difficult it would be to get your body in such a position that you were vertical, upside down and with your hips to your feet out of the water…in a 5m deep pool…now swim back and forth in that same position, lap after lap. It’s pretty damn intense.

These incredible athletes are not only required to be able to complete incredibly physical routines – they are also required to perform them. They have to someone how manage a smile as they gasp for air in the brief instances when their heads aren’t underwater. Their timing is absolutely impeccable. Watching the Russian team especially, you could be forgiven for thinking all the limbs belonged to a single being.

If you haven’t properly sat down and watched some serious synchronized swimming, I recommend you do so. This is my favorite from the 2012 London Olympics ☺ If you can use your imagination a little, the theme for this routine was “Sea monsters”.

~ Darcierae


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