February 9 – Read in the Bathtub Day


February 9 - Read in the Bathtub Day

A picture says a thousand words. 😛

The book I’m reading is “Marching Powder” by Rusty Young. I have read it at least five times. It is fascinating, amazing, and well worth your time. It is the story of a drug dealer caught smuggling out of Bolivia, who is then sentenced to many years inside a prison that operates more like a small community then a cage for criminals. In this place, every almost person has a job, pays for their own food, the own cell (more like a very tiny studio apartment) and enjoys some of the finest quality cocaine money can buy – all right inside the prison. Google “San Pedro Prison”. The most interesting part is that it is all true.

Happy read in the bathtub day!

~ Darcierae


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