February 15 – Hippo Day


February 15 - Hippo Day

^look at that picture…isn’t just cute enough for you to let your defences down? source:http://eatpurepops.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/how-many-pops-can-hippo-eat.html

Happy Hippo Day!
Ah, hippos…gigantic, yet peaceful creatures…wrong! These seemingly awkwardly proportioned, chubby mammals are more like the hungry, hungry hippos of your brightly coloured childhood – but instead of chomping away at little plastic balls, these creatures are unfortunately often chomping at unsuspecting humans.

Hippos kill more humans each year than any other mammal, which is pretty odd considering humans aren’t on their diet. In fact, hippos are vegetarians, and only kill for defense purposes. Once you think about, the fact that hippos are extremely dangerous is not all that surprising – they typical weigh around 3200kg and have enormous, sharp teeth. “If [a hippo] gets you in the middle, it can cut you in two,” Peter said.” (abc news, 2009). What is surprising, however, is that hippos are also capable of running at 30km/h for a short distance. Basically, if you look at these guys the wrong way, you’re going down. These are the river hippopotamus, which are found throughout southern Africa. A second type of hippo, the pygmy hippopotamus is much smaller, at only 3 feet and weigh about 180-275kg. They are also found in Africa, along the western side.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume these creatures to be lazy, as throughout the day they spend most of their time in rivers to keep cool. With their thick skin, they could quite easily overheat under the hot harsh African sun. Once night falls and it is much cooler, they leave the river and walk to find grass, often travelling great distances. They will eat for around 5-6 hours before heading back to the river for daylight.

Happy Hippo Day!

~ Darcie Rae

abc article
Info on hippos
I actually think wikipedia is a very reliable source


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