February 17 – Who shall I be Day


Happy Who shall I be Day! No, today is not about you sitting down and making important decisions about what you want to accomplish. No, today is about just being…whoever you are. All too often people are pigeon-holed under one identity or the other – nerd, geek, freak, extrovert, funny, creative, introvert, athlete, hippie, performer etc. While it’s not always bad to be labeled (indeed, if you enjoy being known as a certain thing, wear it with pride) we shouldn’t let our labels define who we are. More importantly, we should let other people define who we are. We should determine our identities all by ourselves.

Today is a day to take a leaf out of Derrick Zoolander’s book and ask ourselves:

Think deeply about the Hoodoo Gurus and ponder, what, exactly, is your scene?

And once you’ve finished being serious about who you are and how you refuse to ignore the labels thrust upon you by society, laugh at the labels of others at this website. It depicts the cliche groups people fall into after desperately trying to escape the mainstream. The website by Rob Dobi pokes fun at stereotypes such as the generic emo, nintendo fanboy, cybergoth, the painfully indie, the social network whore and many more. It is hilarious.


~ Darcie rae


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