February 19 – Mint Chocolate Day


Ok internet, it’s time for a confession. I’m sorry if, after reading this, you flee my blog in disgust, never to return again. I would think that to be a bit shallow, but hey, it’s your life. Anyway, my internet confession for Mint Chocolate Day is…I really, really don’t like mint chocolate. At all. It repulses me much like I imagine oreos smothered in toothpaste would repulse you, because that, to me, it what mint chocolate tastes like. Consequently I shall definitely not be celebrating this day by eating the vile substance, but for those weirdos (which, as I’ve been told by those horrified by my confession, includes most of the reasonable world) I’ve found you a recipe for mint hot chocolate. This might taste great, if you like combining delicious desert with the feeling of brushing your teeth.
1. The easy-peesy you could probably guess how to do this recipe: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/19715/choc+mint+hot+chocolate
2. The not quite as simple therefore I assume it is better recipe:
You may or may not know that After Eight (a chocolate company under Nestle) has been making mint chocolates for years. This particular advertisement from the 1970s, pokes fun at the feminist movement of the time. I found it hilarious.

after 8
In case you can’t read it, the caption says
“Of course nobody buys you After Eight, you’re liberated”
source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2251486/After-Eight-Mint-chocolate-adorns-Christmas-dinner-table-celebrates-50th-birthday.html

~ Darcie rae


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