February 20 – Love your Pet Day


 In this relationship, more often than not it feels like they are the owners and I am the pet. Kelso and Hyde ❤ 

Reasons why I love them to bits:
1. Excellent Guard Dogs
If and intruder breaks into my home with the intend of causing me harm, I know my really intimidating ridgeback cross labradors will coming running…towards me. crying. waiting for me to save them. Whether it be a large scary man or a small gust of wind, I know they will alert me immediately.
2. They help me be productive
Nothing says “now is an excellent time to actually get work done” like two adorable dogs sitting at the door whining, begging you to go play with them, even if you’ve only just done so. How could I resist? 
3. Stylists
Just when I thought I couldn’t get any sexier, bam! My dogs come up with the innovative style that is both classy and warm: dog hair improves every piece of clothing imaginable. My hands also look amazingly soft, everyday, thanks to dog slobber, a cheap and effective alternative to moisturiser. 

No, but really, I love my pets, everyday.

~ Darcie Rae 

ImageImageKelso and Hyde 


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