February 25 – Chocolate Covered Peanut Day


Probably one of the best days of the years, hands down. Happy Chocolate Covered Peanut Day! The original chocolate covered miniature slices of heaven were called Goobers, and were manufactured by the Bluementhal Brothers Chocolate & Cocoa Company from 1925. “Goober” was a common slang word for peanut in southern U.S.A. The original Goobers are still made today, but are now owned by Nestlé. 

1970s Goobers (I couldn’t find any earlier packaging, which was disappointing)
source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasonliebigstuff/4336567686/ 

A close relative of the Goober is the peanut m&m. These popular (and oh so ridiculously addictive) sweets were first produced in 1954, but instead of being the bright yellow, red, green and (in my opinion totally pointless) brown, they were tan in colour. This was changed in 1960, when the company starting adding yellow, green and red. Curiously the red m&m was discontinued in 1976 due to health concerns over the food dye. The red dye amaranth was thought to be a carcinogen, thought to be directly involved in causing types of cancer. It’s important to note that the m&ms never actually contained this dye but they got rid of them anyway, presumably due to ignorant public opinion. They were reintroduced in 1987. 

Peanut M&Ms from 1963
source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/highsteelheels/favorites/?view=lg 

I love chocolate covered peanuts. They are amazing, and I’m fairly sure that if I had an unlimited supply of them I would become rather large rather fast. It’s a problem. If I ever met my own personal prince charming, but the catch was he was allergic to peanuts, I’m pretty sure my addiction would accidentally kill him. 

~ Darcie rae

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