February 27 – Inconvenience Yourself Day


Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day! This is basically a day for random acts of kindness. We live in an egocentric world and often, though not intentionally maliciously, we inconvenience others in order to get what we want. Today is about doing the opposite. Whether it be something small, like holding the door open for someone, or something larger, like taking all the money in your wallet and putting it in the nearest charity box, do something for someone else today. Ways to inconvenience yourself can include:
– Taking that extra bit of time to recycle items you would normally just throw in the bin
– Holding the door, even for those awkward few seconds too long
– Giving someone your complete and undivided attention, even if they are talking utter crap that is so boring you want to dig a hole in the ground and bury yourself.
– Pick up litter as you walk along. This will probably slow your journey, but it will also slow the rate at which the planet is being brutally murdered.
– Offer to help someone with something. anything. Unless it’s illegal. Then you can dob them in and inconvenience yourself by having to be a witness until they are brought to justice.
– Let a random person in front of you in the line at a store. They will probably find this a little weird, and will feel happy and have a story to tell their friends about the weirdo they met earlier.
– Avoid introverted, alone activities like reading, sitting on internet instead of doing your homework etc and go make someone else feel happy and appreciated.
– Don’t take the parking spot close to where to need to be. Instead leave it for someone else as a nice surprise.

– Donate any spare change you have (or more if you’re willing) into the nearest charity box. There is a man who shops where I work and every single time he has coins in his change he puts all of them in the charity dog box. He is a good man. You can be too.
– Dress up as Al Gore and run around screaming “you can’t handle the [inconvenient] truth!”

~ Darcie Rae


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