March 1 – Pig Day!


Happy Pig Day! They are just so adorable. Just look at them.


Pigs, surprisingly, are becoming increasingly popular as pets. While it’s still considered more than a little unusual to own one of these fabulous creatures, I did see them for sale in a pet shop. And they had already sold about six of them. People are often misled to think that when they buy a “teacup pig”, they are buying a pet that will look like this forever:
source: Google images led me to Tumblr, which is very ineffective as sending you to the post the image was from, so I actually have no idea.

However, that is not the case. What you’re seeing above is a baby miniature pig. Well, of course you knew that, but what a lot of people do expect is for their little piglet to grow into a 40-60cm pig… which is still pretty small for a pig. (This is Australian standards for miniature pig-ness).

These little pigs were used for medical research in the areas of toxicology and pharmacology before they were adorable pets. Pigs are quite intelligent and are popular as they can be trained in a similar manner to dogs.

~ Darcie Rae

Wikipedia it.
Miniature pigs in australia


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