March 2 – Mardi Gras


The Mardi Gras festival and parade is a huge event held in Sydney, Australia, every year. It is a LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) pride parade, which originated in 1978 as a gay rights march. The original march had only 2000 people, 58 of whom were arrested. In 2012 over 9100 people joined the parade, which is now a huge spectacle and more of a celebration, with crazy costumes and 134 floats. However, it still brings to light a serious issue – the fact that, in the society we live in, everyone still does not have equal rights. I support LGBT rights, of course. And yes, I think it’s incredibly narrow minded not to – it should not be anyone’s right (religious or otherwise) to take away the human right of another. Today we look back 100 years and cringe at how poorly women and coloured people all over the world were treated – imagine how bad it’s going to look when people look back at now. Yeah, well, we sorted out women’s rights and equal rights regardless of ethnicity…but continued to discriminate against sexual preference for many years following. It doesn’t look good. And that’s because it’s not. Anyway! On a lighter note, lets look at amazing pictures from previous Mardi Gras. 



Australians being Australians, the figures below are the leaders of both our political parties…you can tell we’re happy about what’s being done in  regards to gay rights, yes?Image

~ Darcie Rae


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