March 5 – Unique Names Day


Today is a celebration for those out there with a unique name. Those who went through the childhood frustration of never being able to find your name of one of those awfully tacky mugs, keychains or mock license plates. A day of the unique names – whether they be unusual beautiful, or uncommon for a glaringly obvious reason. in addition to listing rather common names for you to name your children, or in their absence, your cats, also lists some of the least popular names around. The list includes:

For Boys: Archibald, Bevis, Courtney (I can not imagine why you would hesitate to call your baby boy this), Dooley, Edgar, Eugene (a bullying story waiting to happen, really), Gideon (all I can think when I see this name is the crazy christians that put the Bible in all the hotels, the Gideons), Humphrey, Iggy, Lynch (so beautiful), Maverick (meow), Octavius, Thaddeus and, for reasons I can not fathom, Adolf.
For all the names:

For Girls:
Brooks (yes, with an “s”), Carlyle, Dale, Ernestina, Goldie (a name far more common in children’s fish), Hattie, Jetta, Kenni, Lovie (oh the bullying that would occur), Millicent, Rae (it’s my [middle] name!), Robinette (as opposed to, you know, Robyn), Sheldon, Sigourney, Vanity and Whoopi.
All the names! p://

For those of you with a unique name, nicely done. For those of you with a common name, from all the kids who could never find a keyring with their name on it, we hate you.

Happy Unique Names Day!

~ Darcie Rae


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