March 14 – International Ask A Question Day


This day is designed to encourage people to ask questions – because only through insightful questions will we find insightful answers. Knowledge begins with a question. It got me thinking…if you could ask any question and know for absolute certainty that you would receive an answer, and that the answer would be correct/true…what would you ask? 

Would you ask a question you couldn’t possibly work out in your life on Earth? Would you wonder whether there exists a God? What happens to the part of us that thinks after we die? What is the purpose of intelligent life? Or would you ask a more practical question? What is the cure for cancer? The secret to immortality? Or would you succumb to asking something more selfish? What are the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow night? How could I single-handedly rule the world? What does everyone really think of me? 

What is your response to this question? I believe that the question we would choose to ask says a lot about us as people. It forces you to prioritise…what is really the most important thing to you? I don’t know what my answer would be…I asked some of my friends, and I received some very insightful answers: Will you marry me? Can you catch ’em all? What’s in my pocket? What is the point of this question? Will there ever be another season of Firefly?… and some slightly more well thought-out answers: When will I die? What is the easiest and quickest way that I can obtain one of omniscience or arbitrary power or godhood? 

I’m not sure I could handle the answer to the first one…As for the obtaining godhood? I suppose the next most important question would be; what would I do with it? 

What’s your ultimate question? 
~ Darcie Rae


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