March 25 – Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day!)


Omnomnomnom….waffles. Waffles are simply a brilliant creation, and on this day every year fall Våffeldagen, or “Waffle Day” or “The day of ultimate wonder and I am oh-so-bitter that I do not have waffles right now…day”. It’s a Swedish celebration, and is actually the result of a mistake. Today is supposed to be a Christian celebration, “Lady Day”. It occurs exactly 9 months before Christmas, the day angel Gabriel supposedly told Virgin Mary that she was pregnant. Lady Day in Swedish is “Vårfrudagen”; however somewhere along the line it was changed to “Våffeldagen”, meaning Waffle Day. So instead of religion, we get waffles, which I consider to be a fair replacement. 

The origin of waffles can be traced to ancient Greece, where the Athenian people cooked flat cakes between two metal plates, called “obelios”. The Swedish people have been making waffles since a date that I am currently unable to find on the internet…here’s a recipe for Swedish waffles! 

And since waffles weren’t unhealthy or addictive enough, here is a recipe for rainbow waffles. Yes, it is essentially a waffle recipe with unnecessary food colouring, but it is awesome. 

~ Darcie Rae

Info-Links: (you can tell you’re serious when you reference Mr Breakfast),9171,1942956,00.html 


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