March 28 – Weed Appreciation Day (Not as exciting as you think)


It’s weed appreciation day! It’s probably not as exciting as you think it would be, as it is a day to appreciate weeds…as in the plants. Plural. Like dandelions! Heaps of people seek out and destroy any sign of a weed in their back gardens, but are they really so bad? This guy ( ) talks about all the wondrous wonders of weeds and on some level I agree with him. When I was younger I used to catch the floating bundles of dandelion seeds as the blew through my back garden and collect them in one of my grandmother’s empty make-up containers. I used to believe I was saving wishes (what for I have no idea) and to this day I can’t help to try to grab them out of the air as they float by. Depending on what you’re willing to call a weed, the failed daisy-chains of your childhood were only possible because no one destroyed the existence of the plants. Weeds, dandelions in particular, are also excellent for puns:
^ I love that picture. It makes me smile every. damn. time. 

~ Darcie Rae 


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  1. I had no idea there was a “Weed Appreciation Day”! I should have celebrated, as I am obsessed with weeds. Thank you for finding me, and thus allowing me to find you!!!

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