April 2 – Childrens Book Day


Happy Children’s Book Day! The love of many childhoods, books are brilliant. They open doors into magical worlds where everything is possible, problems are easily solved and everyone involved learns something valuable to better them as people (or dragons).

One of my favourite childhood tales is “Benjamin the Lonely Dragon”. It tells the tale of the dragon who was unable to breath fire: wrought with shame, he runs away from his village, only to find unlikely companionship with a small hedgehog. Together, they find a use for themselves, warning people of oncoming danger…but in the harsh winter, his friend the hedgehog gets lost in the freezing snow and Benjamin must face his fear of fire-breathing to rescue his friend. It’s an adorable story of magic and wonder. I love it.
ImageI also want to share with you my favourite children’s tale. I don’t know if this was ever published…but hey, it totally counts. So one day after a huge violent storm the night before, a man takes a walk down to the beach. Littered along the beach he sees hundreds of starfish, washed up on the shore from the storm. He looks out along the beach…the starfish graveyard seems to stretch for kilometres. In the distance he spies a lone figure walking along the sand. Every so often the figure would bend down and pick something up, examine it briefly, then toss it far out into the sea. After watching the figure for a while the man realised they were picking up starfish. As the figure came closer, the man yelled out to them “What are you doing? There are hundreds of starfish on the sand, the few you save will make no difference!” The figure turned to the man, picked up a starfish and tossed it into the sea. “I made the world of a difference to that one.”

Isn’t that a lovely story? It makes me so happy, it was a favourite of my primary school teacher.

~ Darcie Rae


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