April 4 – World Rat Day


Happy World Rat Day! I have never had a problem with rats – in my opinion they are merely slightly larger versions of the adorable mouse. When I was younger, instead of screaming at the once a year appearance of a rat in the school classroom I would suggest elaborate methods of trapping and releasing the creature, only to be met by disappointment from the rather firm disapproval from my teachers. Fair enough, tiny little wild vermin are not the most excellent of pets…but domesticated rats are awesome and there should be no reason to fear them and not enjoy their role as a pet. After all, it’s not like the pet stores are selling plague-ridden rats. 

So, asides from their adorable-ness, why are rats good excellent companions?
1. They are less maintenance than a dog or cat (they’re also really clean, they groom themselves like cats)
2. Rats can be trained to respond to their name (I mean, that’s just awesome)
3. Being quite sturdy creatures, they can handle some of your (hopefully unintentional) mishandling. 
4. They are really social! Once they because used to people, they love attention and being handled and get to be your mini-bestfriend. 
5. They’re adorable. I mean, just look at them.
Imagesource: tumblr. Yes. I know it’s not a source, but google images just takes me to the tags of “rats” or whatever this is from on tumblr, and I have no idea where it is actually from. Most frustrating. 
Imagesource: http://carolinapetrescue.wordpress.com/ 
source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whtnyte1962/galleries/72157622727035959/

~ Darcie Rae



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