April 8 – Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day


Happy Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day! A day for all those out there who have passed the age where trading cards were “cool” (I say that like they ever were, but really, trading cards kind of left the tiny corner of the playground they occupied by age 12 at the latest right?) but have never quite felt the need to let go of their trading cards. Whether it be for nostalgic reasons or because they will definitely be worth something someday (just like the beanie babies you still have in your closet) get out your trading cards and have a little trip down memory lane. Or, if you still actually use your cards instead instead of keeping them in your closet to collect dust as I do, perhaps get together with some people and celebrate. 

Personally the cards that I have refused to let go of are my Yu-gi-oh cards. In case you missed out on this gaming wonder, put simply, players attempt to eliminate each others “life points” while retaining theirs by attacking and defending with various mythical monster, spell and trap cards. They used to be stupidly expensive and so my brother and I spent a while making do with the much cheaper Yu-gi-oh collectable stickers until our parents finally gave in. I still have in possession the original Kaiba starter deck, one of the first two decks available, the other being the Yu-gi-oh one my brother received. Unopened decks identical to mine are on eBay for over $200, but much younger me took suuuuuch good care of her deck that mine is only worth memories now.  

Yu-gi-oh was first released in 1999 and by the first its 10 year anniversary rolled around the company Konami had sold more than 22 billion cards worldwide, earning them a place in the Guinness World Records…and the hearts of many children (nawwwww, so sentimental). 

And just to prove it to you…some of my treasured cards. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I only kept some of them either…I have the full deck plus all those booster packs 😉 

~ Darcie RaeImage


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