April 9 – Treasure an Antique Day


Happy Treasure an Antique Day! I don’t really have any antiques in my possession…perhaps the oldest thing in my house is a sturdy, tall grandfather clock. It belonged to my mothers grandfather…I guess you could say it’s a pretty great grandfather clock! http://www.badum-tish.com/ (It’s a true thing, by the way, it was actually my great grandfathers). 

Anyway, moving on. I was searching the beauty thing that is the internet looking at antique things to write about. I love typewriters…it’s weird to say this about an obsolete machine, but they’re quite beautiful. Upon searching for typewriters, I found something that would make every little hipsters dreams come true…typewriter usb attachments. I’m trying to decide whether these are super awesome or trying harder than a gold star. At around $800, they’re pretty cool…if you know, you have $800 lying around to make using your computer of iPad (or other generic tablet device) incredibly impractical then you too can treasure an antique everyday.
source: http://www.etsy.com/shop/usbtypewriter 

~ Darcie Rae 
(click the image source if you want to buy one of these for yourself, or, you know, have a good laugh) 


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