April 12 – D.E.A.R. Day (aka Drop Everything And Read)


Today is Drop Everything And Read Day! I love books. Absolutely love them. They are portals into many beautiful, bizarre, heart-breaking, wondrous, excellent worlds. But I, like a lot of people, often find that I don’t make the time to read as often as I’d like. A lot of people tell me they simply do not have the time to read (which I don’t believe, but anyway) and a lot of people don’t seem to have the desire to, even if they did make the time. So for drop everything and read day I want to encourage you to take some time out to read, and if you don’t read for leisure (or know someone who doesn’t) I’ve compiled a small list of books to ease those non-readers into reading.
1. The Fault in Our Stars, John Green
For: People who like dramas, younger readers (by that, I mean young adults), people who get emotionally attached to characters
Why: The book is written for young adult readers, but has enough substance and intriguing storyline to be enjoyed just as much by older readers. Because it is written for young adults, it’s a lot easier to read and readers won’t get frightened off by overly complex words. Also, it’s an absolutely fantastic book.

2. Bossy pants, Tina Fey’s Biography
For: People who love comedy or Tina Fey (they’re pretty much the same thing), people with shorter attention spans
Why: This book is hilarious and very hard to put down. It is made up of smaller stories about her life, so I believe it is ideal for people with short attentions spans who don’t cope well with a huge narrative with slow character development. Other biographies of people your anti-reader is more fond of should work just a well, but I know how awesome Tina Fey’s book is, so I’m recommending that.

3. The Long Earth, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
Who: Those who enjoy sci-fi, fantasy and the bizarre
Why: Terry Pratchett writes incredibly wonderful, strange books. However, I find his writing style somewhat disjointed and his books may not flow well enough for the anti-reader to enjoy. This collaboration with Stephen Baxter however, takes away that slightly awkward style and they have made a beautiful book that explores the possibility of jumping through seemingly infinite worlds. These worlds are identical to Earth…well, what it would look like if there were never humans. A good book for those who would enjoy the creatively strange. Plus, if they really enjoy it, there are about 40 other books written by Terry Pratchett, which really don’t have to be in order.
ImageIf you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

~ Darcie Rae


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