April 13 – Scrabble Day


Happy Scrabble Day! Today marks the birthday of scrabble inventor Alfred Mosher Butts who was born on this day in 1899. The game was invented in 1938 as an improved version of a game called Lexiko but was not sold commercially until ten years later. Lexiko used the same tiles as Scrabble, but did not have a board; instead players drew nine tiles from a bag and attempted to make words out of them, scoring points in the same manner as Scrabble, but without double word scores or the like.
But perhaps the most exciting thing about Scrabble is that it was made into a game show. That’s right, people actually watched other people play scrabble as a form of enjoyment. And not just as fad either. This show went for six years. From 1984 until 1990 and there for a much briefer stint in 1993. The tagline was “Every man dies…not every man truly scrabbles” – pure inspiration right there. So I’ve linked a full episode of the show for you, which includes the commercial breaks, which a more than a little funny.

If celebrating the game is too mainstream for you, you could also celebrate it as a word on its own:




Scratch or grope around with one’s fingers to find, collect, or hold on to something.


An act of scratching or scrambling for something.


verb. scratch – scribble – scrape – scrawl

noun. scribble – scrawl

~ Darcie Rae


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