April 27 – Eeyore’s Birthday Day (definitely not what you think)


Well, I just spent a good amount of time on the internet searching up Eeyore, the loveable Winnie the Pooh character. I mean really, this day couldn’t be about anything other than the donkey with terrible misfortunes and a lack of an architectural eye…right? Wrong. Turns out today celebrates a charity event! It has been celebrated in Austin Texas, U.S. since 1963 and gathers crowds of thousands for live music and food & drink, the proceeds from which are donated to local non-for-profits. 

It’s a bit of a modern hippie party, being held at Pease Park (after it moved there from Eastwoods Park in 1974) and featuring large drumming and dancing circles. It’s also extremely family orientated, with arts, crafts and carnival games for the children and traditional family party type games. A may pole is always present (due to the event’s close proximity to May Day) as well as a live donkey, for Eeyore, the storybook character after which the event is named. Colourful and diverse costumes are common (there’s a costume contest) and it sounds like a really fun and happy place to be. 

The following image is not particularly relevant, but I found it while I still thought today was about Eeyore, so I thought I’d share.

~ Darcie Rae


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