April 29 – Dance Day


Happy Dance Day! I love watching people dance – it amazes me every time, and I am truly in awe of anyone who can dance. This may or may not be because if I attempt such things I’m about two pirouettes away from the hospital room with the worst turn out anyone has every seen. Dance is a truly difficult sport – performers must be extremely fit, balanced, in time, strong, flexible and coordilnated all at once, while at the same time being performers – which means wiping away an expression of pain and plastering on something to match the mood of the piece. Their job is to make the improbably difficult look effortless…and that takes a damn lot of skill. The following is a dance choreographed by Kate Jablonski, who consistently creates beautiful and unique dances. She has a ton of videos of her dances with the superb Beyond Words Dance Company, which I suggest you check out.


Pole-Moves-pole-dancing-15536592-2560-1493Image~ Darcie Rae



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