April 30 – Honesty Day


Honesty…now that’s a tricky one. On one hand, you want to be honest. I’d like to consider myself to be an honest person both towards others and with myself. If you were to ask me a question I would like to think my answer would be true to the best of my knowledge, and if you asked me for advice I would like to think what I offer isn’t sugar coated but level, straight advice that would actually be of some help. On the other hand…if I were to be completely honest and straight forward with my opinions all day every day…well, I just wouldn’t have many friends. I also probably wouldn’t have a job. Actually no, that’s a little too optimistic – if I was completely honest and vocal with my honestly…definitely no job and I’d be lucky if I had even one friend. 

Some things are easier to come back on than others. If I were to honestly tell someone their hair looked worse than mine does after a weeks worth of hiking, they’d probably eventually get over it…however, if I were to honestly tell them I think they had all their priorities wrong and they were destined to wind up sad and alone because of that, well, you can easily see why I would have no friends. Like most things, I believe honesty is important 99% of the time. If we don’t honestly try to help each other improve, we’ll go nowhere as a species, but at the same time everyone needs to remember that each of us is only human. 

In saying that, honesty mostly is the best policy. Time and time again I see people having these passive, extremely loud silent fights between each other, because they are not being honest about what’s bothering them with the other person. I think it is much better to have someone angry at you a little while then to have it draaaaaag out forever and forever while nothing is fixed. Also, if you’re wrong (we’re all wrong. Not always, but sometimes) it is a small person that isn’t honest about their mistake. And if I’m being a horrible bitch (as we all are, at times), I’d much rather be told sooner than later. Then again, that’s my opinion. I know a few people would rather be wrapped up in glitter cotton wool, kittens and rainbows, but I don’t think much is accomplished that way.

Are you an honest person? While we shouldn’t bash each other with criticism sticks, it is a help to people to be honest with them. I know you know all of this already, but today just sit back for a moment and consider how honest you are. 

~ Darcie Rae (who honestly is really busy right now, hence the rather non-researched, waffling opinion style of today’s post.) 


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