May 7 – Teacher’s Day


Happy Teacher’s Day!
Being super-busy is one of my favourite activities, and on this day you can blame teachers for that situation… Teaching is the 12th most trusted profession according to a poll from Reader’s Digest Australia. I think it should be a lot higher than that. Teachers spend so many hours a week with children that they play a huge part in shaping them to be half decent human beings. If it so took their fancy they could begin a reign of terror. But they don’t. Instead they put up with ratty kids, the ridiculous health and safety requirements and the bitchy parents who insist their pretty princess get their way, regardless of the situation. So on this day, hats off to teachers and all they put up with and all they achieve.
I’ve linked a video on the future of education, which is a lot more interesting and entertaining than I just made it sound with that description, I promise.
Also! I know this is getting to you on May 8…I wrote it on May 7 and for some reason it didn’t upload! I ❤ technology!


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