May 14 – Chicken Dance Day


Happy Chicken Dance Day!
The chicken dance is an integral part of a child’s schooling experience and development into a competent adult. The only thing that irks me about the chicken dance is it’s awfully vague lyrics. The creators of the chicken dance had the prefect opportunity to lyrically dictate what dancers were supposed to do, (like the cha-cha slide or the hokey pokey) but instead decided to incorporate the vaguest lyrics conceivable. “A little bit of this” … come on. Imagine if recipes were written like that. That aside, happy chicken dancing!

~ Darcie Rae


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  1. My kids’ elementary school always had mariachis come in the last day before the Christmas break – they went into every classroom and everyone did the chicken dance! So I have always associated it with Christmas. I never even knew it had lyrics! I’m glad it gets its own day!

    • That’s interesting! In Australia (at least, where I live), we associated the chicken dance with Easter. Young schoolchildren often have Easter hat parades at school, where they show off hats they make in class and perform a number of silly little dances, this one included.

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