May 21 – I Need A Patch For That Day


Hahaha…yes. While I certainly don’t smoke, I feel like I am just as addicted to a number of things. It would probably be helpful if I had a patch for:

1. Chocolate. If I did not exercise as much as I do or didn’t have the metabolism I have, I would be the fattest of the kids and a real beating waiting to happen. 

2. Youtube. It’s really sad how many times I’ve said “one more video” and then broken my own promise to myself. Worst self restraint ever.

3. Webcomics. More specifically, webcomic archives and my inability to only look at a couple of pages when I know there are a couple of hundred more to look at. 

4. Cruskits. For ages I thought they were a really weird diet food and to be honest they look like they would taste like styrofoam. But in the words of Thorin “I have never been so wrong.” They are actually a socially acceptable way to eat rice bubble all the time. all. the. time.

5. Coffee. Although I don’t really think this is a bad thing. Then again, that’s probably the addiction talking.

~ Darcie Rae


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