May 27 – Cellophane Tape Day


Happy Cellophane Tape Day! This may not sound very exciting, but can you imagine how painful Christmas would be without sticky tape? And before you give me a smart-arse answer like “we’d use duct tape”, Richard Drew, inventor of sticky tape also invested duct tape and masking tape. After inventing cellophane tape in 1930. Truth be told he invented scotch tape in 1925, so we’d probably be wrapping presents with that, but that’s beside the point. 

Richard Drew worked for company 3M, or as it’s uncommonly know Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, which now makes more than 400 kinds of tape. But that’s not the interesting part – each year the company has a competition called “Off the Roll” which challenges people to use their products creatively. People do not disappoint. Here is the winner from 2011, Kent H from Oklahoma City in the U.S.: Image

And from 2012, Jake L from Manheim:

both sourced from: 

~ Darcie Rae



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