June 1 – Say Something Nice Day


Happy Say Something Nice Day! To celebrate this day, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you are, dear reader. Yes, you. If you visit regularly even though some weeks pass like this one when I’m too busy to write anything half decent you are truly awesome and make me want to keep writing…when I actually have time.  If you’ve stumbled across this site looking for something completely different and this is very disappointing, thank you for visiting, I like what you’ve done with your face, it’s nice. At the beginning of the year I made it one of my resolutions to say more nice things to people. This day has been a good reminder to me. It’s easy to say nice things to our friends, but I find it harder to say nice things to people I don’t know too well, or don’t know at all. Not because I don’t have anything nice to say, but because I think they’ll take it the wrong way (which shouldn’t worry me really, considering how if I don’t know them, I won’t have to face the consequences anyway.). I’ve tried to change that, and while this has sometimes lead to weird stares of ultimate judgement, it’s mostly positive. So try it, I dare you. 

~ Darcie Rae 


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