June 4 – Audacity To Hope Day


In Ancient Greek mythology, the god Prometheus steals fire from the gods with the permission of Zeus and gives it to the people as a gift. In response Zeus decides to punish mankind. He do so by creating a beautiful woman, Pandora, and giving her to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus. With Pandora came a box, which Zeus warned must never be opened. For many years Pandora lived happily on an Earth where no one became sick or committed any crime. But after a while she became curious of the box, and longed to discover it’s contents. Disobeying the commands of Zeus, Pandora opened the box, and out flew a great number to terrible things: pain, suffering, disease, anger, hate, poverty and many other horrible things. Pandora tried to close the box, but the damage had already been done. Then, out fluttered one more thing, tiny and delicate…hope. Even though all the terrible things had been unleashed to the world, the people would never despair, for they had hope. 

Hope is an important thing. Without it we would be helpless against the horrors of reality and the world that we have created. We would succumb to the voice inside our head that says success is impossible. We would never chase our dreams. We would spend days wallowing in sadness eating litres and litres of triple choc-chip and self-pity ice cream while watching terrible sitcoms. Certainly, nothing would be achieved. 

Actions are more powerful than mere pleasant thoughts. But without hope we would probably never get started. Today is the day to hope against hope. Go for something big, go for something you’re not even sure is possible. Have the audacity to hope for whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Then get started. 

~ Darcie Rae


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