June 8 – Upsy Daisy Day


There seem to be a lot of positive thinking type days in June…Happy Upsy Daisy Day! Today is all about greeting each morning with a sunny, positive attitude, like the flowers that open up only to the sunshine each morning (which are not daisies…but this is irrelevant to the smilie). I’m a bad person to promote this day. This is me most mornings: 



But there is hope! Even if you like Monday mornings as much as I do! I have some ways that make the first 30 minutes of the day more bearable, and surprise surprise, none of them involve sleeping in for 10 extra minutes. 

1. Listen to a song. Just one: when you wake up, reach for your iPod (or other generic MP3 device) and lay in bed and listen to one song before getting up. It helps. 

2. Brush your teeth and hair to a loud song. There are such monotonous tasks that you could probably do them half-asleep and if you’re anything like me you pretty much do. Having a song playing in the background keeps you awake and makes it almost enjoyable. At the moment I’m using Blurred Lines. Which is a terrible, but terribly catchy song. Judge away. You’re the one that will still be half asleep. 

3. I know this is so cheating but if you set your alarm half an hour earlier than you have to get up you can ignore it and “sleep in”. 

4. Coffee. So. much. coffee. 

~ Darcie Rae 


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