June 18 – Sushi Day


Happy Sushi Day! I love sushi – and by that, I mean I love western-style sushi. Avocado, chicken, cucumber, more avocado, left over butter-chicken (actually surprisingly good), egg, vegetables, left over taco-chicken (not as good as the butter chicken, but hey, the lazy life chose me.)… the whole raw fish things makes me…uncomfortable. This round sushi style that you’re probably most familiar with is called Makizushi, made with the vinegared sushi rice and rolled in nori (seaweed) using a bamboo mat. This modern sushi was created sometime around the first half of the 1800s but sushi dates back much further. 

The original sushi was first made in China during the 7th century (http://www.asianartmall.com/originsofsushi.htm) in China, not Japan (although contemporary sushi was first made in Japan). It was originally used as a way of fermenting fish by wrapping it in sour-tasting rice, and people used to simply discard the rice component and consume only the sour fish. What is today know as narezushi – a sushi that takes six months to completely prepare – is closest to this traditional method. 

Other types of sushi include:
– Nigirizushi: sushi rice pressed by hand into a small rectangular box. typically topped with a piece of fish
– Oshizushi: block shaped sushi made using a wooden mold
– Inarizushi: fried tofu filled with sushi riceImage

 picture source: http://kunstkammer.com.au/blog/2013/01/ 

~ Darcie Rae



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