June 22 – Stupid Guy Thing Day


Hellooooo Ladies (and men too). Today is Stupid Guy Thing Day, a day to compile lists of the stupid things guys have done. And there have been many. Here’s a list of superb things I’ve witnessed:

– Thinking it’s appropriate to eat a whole chicken carcass in front of you with their hands
– Burp inappropriately
– Eat with their mouths open…wide open
– Appear not to possess the little voice in the back of their heads that tells them when something might have the potential to kill them
– Think I’m able to support their weight
– Think it’s fun to make my life as difficult as humanly possible
– Constant competition
– When they think it’s okay to wink at you. Protip: It’s never okay if you don’t know the girl. Regardless of your age or perceived attractiveness, it’s just really, really creepy. 
– Catcalls. 
– Eating everything.
– Still being hungry after eating everything
– Exploring the hellhole that is reddit
– Thinking you will also want to explore the hellhole that is reddit
– Wearing the same clothes every day for a week and thinking nobody is going to notice – if we can’t see it, we can smell it.
– Singlets and those goddamn caps. 
– Not knowing how to buy pants that fit
– Calling female friends mate – we prefer gentlemen. 
– Getting way too worked up about televised sports – they can’t hear you, couch coach. 
– Speedos.
– When they say that childbirth would not hurt as much as being kicked in the balls.

Feel free to add your own.

~ Darcie Rae 


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