June 25 – Global Beatles Day


Good Morning, Good
Morning! (Or afternoon or evening or Good Night). Yesterday was a celebration of the senses, and today is something different. All I’ve Got To Do, is celebrate a band that really made an impression with their Words of Love and unforgettable tunes that continue to be popular today. Today is Global Beatles Day Across The Universe (okay, maybe just across the globe). To love the Beatles is to Act Naturally and it’s easy to celebrate Any Time At All. If you were to Ask Me Why I am a fan of such talent, I would tell say “Oh! Darling, it is Because of their songs of Real Love, because their music was a Revolution, because they have written so many songs I can write a ridiculous paragraph like this, but mostly because their music is good to listen to Eight Days a Week it is that good…Tell Me Why you wouldn’t?”. I Just Don’t Understand how someone could not Shout! praise to them. 
I’ve seen people from Here, There and Everywhere collectively Come Together over a few verses of Hey Jude (until people forget how to end it, because that song goes on for a Long, Long, Long time). Their music can Help! me relax when reaching A Hard Day’s Night and suddenly I Feel Fine. 

Money Can’t Buy Me Love,  but it can buy the Beatles (well, their music) and that’s pretty damn close. The End

You know my name, Darcie Rae

P.S. I Love You




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