June 26 – Canoe Day


Canoeing is hard. I’ve been on two separate week long paddling trips and my steering is still mediocre at best and if we’re being realistic there were more than a couple of rocks that definitely weren’t that hard to avoid that I’ve crashed into. I highly recommend going on a paddling trip – if you’re into camping, teamwork, fun and lots and lots of bruises on your legs. Conquering little rapids feels like the biggest victory to ever be achieved by mankind and you learn heaps and have an awesome time. If you live in Australia, I recommend Nymbodia river – you can book with companies that give you all the equipment in regards of the canoeing side of things and guides that teach you what you need to know and also make sure you don’t drown doing something stupid…rapids can be deceptively strong. 

~ Darcie Rae


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