July 2 – World UFO Day


Happy World UFO Day! As humans we love unexplained phenomena. Despite whether you believe those people who claim to have been abducted and experimented on before being returned safely to Earth or those who simply claim to have seen something a little out of the ordinary floating about in the night sky, it is an intriguing thought. While I hesitant to give much credit to those who claim bizarre conspiracy theories I believe we would be foolish to believe in this vast universe of ours that we are the sole life forms or even the most intelligent life forms out there. We have hardly made even a scratch in charting the universe and it’s interesting to imagine the possibilities of UFOs containing foreign life forms, and the untold possibilities of interaction and what may be gained. Or, you know, lost when said foreign life forms decide to take over our planet and export us as exotic pets for to them our intellect seems comparable to how we see dogs. 

The first know recording of an unidentified flying object can be found in ancient Chinese writings from the 4th century, which describe the presence of a “moon boat” hovering over China once every 12 years. Sightings we also recorded in ancient Rome in 218BC and i 1561 in Germany. The first more modern day sighting occurred in 1947 when a pilot looking for the remains of another plane sighted nine flying objects that were travelling at over 1600km/h (1000 miles). After that report was published others came forward with their own supernatural stories. Fast forward to now and photoshop is so common and things are so easily faked, anyone who comes forward believing to have seen a UFO loses credibility amongst many people the moment they open their mouth. 

~ Darcie Rae

An awesome advertisement incorporating the idea of UFOs:


Source: http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/masterlock_ufo



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