July 8 – Town Criers Day


Oyez, oyez oyes!!! Happy Town Criers Day!

While the idea of a town crier might induce images of a tedious and frustrating job, back when town criers were used for purposes other than the ceremonial it was a very important position. The large majority of people in olden times could not read or write, and without radio or television as we have now to deliver the news verbally, they relied on the town crier. The crier would read proclamations and then post them on the door of a building in the town, usually the inn, hence the name “the post” when referring to newspapers.

Criers were considered extremely important, and representatives of the King, as so causing one harm was a terrible offence. Nowadays town criers only serve ceremonial purposes. In Australia, we have a town crier for every state: http://www.australiantowncrier.com/criers.htm . Though in saying that I am yet to see one. The modern day world record for vocal endurance of a town crier was set by Alan Myatt, who cried a hundred word paragraph every 15 minutes for 48 hours!

~ Darcie Rae



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